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Are you looking for a Chinese tutor who could help you with your pronunciation, grammar and anything related to Chinese language?

You have come to the right place! I'm a native Chinese who has great passion about languages.

I'm a Mandarin Chinese native speaker. I have a bachelor degree of Music, also a licensed elementary teacher from Taiwan.

Currently, I'm studying my master degree in Psychology, also working as a music producer, songwriter, independent artist and private tutor.

I believe that we learn through doing.

In this scenario, we will learn through speaking and listening during the 1-on-1 interaction.

You can choose the lesson below:

Beginners Lesson: start with pinyin, basic vocabulary, and grammar.

Business Chinese Lesson

Common Slangs

Learn from educational videos (ex.Ted-talk)

Causal Conversation Class

Learn Chinese through singing songs

After choosing the lesson, we will discuss when to arrange the class and all the details.

I will do my best to custom the class material and teaching depending on your needs!

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