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If you are looking to get professional mixing and mastering for your song, look no further! I provide services of mixing and mastering in an acoustically treated music studio with analog and digital equipment, with a fast turnaround and without using presets. Stems are carefully processed to get that industry standard and radio ready quality that you are looking for. I can work with any genre of music: rap, hip hop, rock, metal, blues, bluegrass, country, EDM, trap, movie soundtrack or any other.

  • Send the stems for quality checkout
  • Contact me to get a free sample
  • All stems must be pre-edited and already tuned
  • WAV files are best, high quality MP3's are OK
  • M4A files are not acceptable
  • Stems must be unprocessed with the volume of -6db
  • All stems must have the same starting marker
  • Remove all plugins and effects (send a DM if you are not sure)

I'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions, just send me a message in the inbox.

Thank you!

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