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I will tune, mix and master your vocals. I have been mixing and mastering numerous successful artists for years and have quality, industry experience and knowledge. I will bring out the best in your vocals !

GENRES- Indie ,Country ,Hip hop , Pop, EDM, Rock

I can work with vocals in Any genre and Any language .

All Packages includes:

  • Level balancing
  • Breath & sibilance reduction/editing
  • Manual tuning or Auto tune as you prefer
  • Mixing (Full EQ's and Compression )
  • Ambient FX such as delay & reverb etc.
  • Effects such as Auto Tune, distortion, phasers, flangers
  • additional special effects like Beat stops and vocal stutters upon request
  • Updating you with work in progress with demo's before the final delivery.

So, if you're looking for a producer who's passionate about delivering the best possible sound and an unparalleled dedication to quality, I'm the producer you've been looking for you.

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